This is the website for the graduate labor course at SciencesPo Paris taught by Florian Oswald in the Spring semester of 2018.

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Communication and Content

You can have a look at our Syllabus by clicking above on topics. Homeworks are posted above under homeworks. Please get in touch via our dedicated slack channel, to which you have been invited via email.


You will be required to do homeworks with the R language. They alone will determine your grade.

Please do homeworks in groups of 2. You can download the .Rmd that is the basis of all homeworks, and just edit this. Rmd is short for R markdown, and it’s a great way to embed (working!) code with text. You can download all homeworks from the associated github repo in the src folder.

Homeworks should be submitted in a private slack channel. you can create a new channel and name it with your first names (Bob and Alice would call their channel Bob_Alice). You should then add me to your channel. You should then submit your homework simply by posting a message to that channel, with your .Rmd file attached.

Notice that whatever code your write in your .Rmd file must run as it is (after installing required packages, maybe). There should be no required inputs for it.

New to R?

You will first need to install R and Rstudio. To do this use the following links:

Then, get some help:

We will be using several packages, most of which you can install directly:

Other packages need to be installed from github using the devtools package:

Please observe the license

  1. If you use this in your class: please cite this repository!
  2. You need to include this license in your fork:
  3. thanks!

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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