ScPo Labor Homeworks

This contains the homeworks for Graduate Labor at ScPo. The corresponding github repository can be found here. Please note that this site will get updated with more homeworks as we move along.

Download Fork

Getting started

You will first need to install R and Rstudio. To do use the following links:

New to R?

There are gazillions of R tutorials online. this seems like a good place to start.

I like to use the data.table package. Here is a tutorial and a cheatsheet for data.table

Here is a tutorial, a cheatsheet and the full documentation for ggplot2.

You can install most packages directly:


Other packages need to be installed from github using the devtools package:


Submitting Homeworks

There are 2 ways. In both cases please make sure to write who was in the group.

  1. You can either fork this repo (button above), do your homework on your fork in the .Rmd file of the homework and submit as a pull request on this github repo
  2. Or you down just download this (again button above), and send me your homework (again, the corresponding .Rmd file which you changed with your work) as a direct message on our Slack channel.
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