Lecture 6: Julia and Data

New users are adivsed to start with the new users section in the manual. I advise you to go through that.

In class, instead, we will take the deep dive into the DataFrames.jl package with a showcase.

There is a notebook for you here

Further DataFrames.jl Resources

  1. The Manual is very well done, and lists a bunch of good resources on the landing page.

  2. The ultimate database-ops benchmark

  3. Bogumił's Blog

  4. This tutorial series is very good for the DataFrames.jl package: https://github.com/bkamins/Julia-DataFrames-Tutorial

  5. The julia academy data science tutorial is full of excellent stuff

  6. The Turing Institute's Data Sciences tutorials give a good intro to data structures and machine learning in julia.