Programming Languages and Why Julia?

Table of Contents

Prerequisites: Installing the software environment

Check out the installation page on this website which was copied from the MIT course Computational Thinking.

Basics: REPL, VSCode, Notebooks

We will repeat the basics of julia in a very condensed manner by going through steps 1-7 of MoJuWo live in class.

julia REPL: This is the julia REPL

VScode: This is VSCode

Notice how there is a julia REPL running as part of the VSCode editor. This is called an integrated development environment (IDE). Very similar to an R session connected to RStudio, or the python interpreter being run through PyCharm etc.

(Rendered) Notebooks

We used several Pluto.jl notebooks in this lecture. Here are four rendered ones:

Variablesclick for notebook (done in Intro to Programming)
Functionsclick for notebook (done in Intro to Programming)
Arraysclick for notebook
SIR Modelclick for notebook

Please run the 01-fast.jl notebook on your own computer for the benchmarks! 🏎️

Introduction and: Why Julia?

In this section we want to understand why julia is a good choice for computational tasks - for Economists and others.

Slides for intro: Why Julia? (does not run in my safari browser! 🤷🏻‍♂️)