Intro to Programming M1

Real Programming Languages solve Real Problems

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  • We teach this course to first year PhD students (Master 1).


  1. After this course, we want you to be able to participate or conduct your own research project in an efficient way. Research nowadays means data sciencey stuff in most cases, certainly in Economics.
  2. We want you to have a basic understanding of how an operating system (in particular, your OS) works.
  3. We want to be able to achieve a basic level of automation in repetitive tasks.
  4. We want you to know what Version Control is and how to use it in a research project.
  5. We will introduce some (hopefully) useful R and programming (and some julia too!)
Florian Oswald
Florian Oswald
Associate Professor of Economics

I’m interested in Urban/Macro/Labour/IO and computational methods