Research Assistants

I am always looking for motivated research assistants, and I was lucky to work with people who went on to other exciting opportunities after having worked for me (see below!). Minimal Requirements Here is the list of minimal requirements that you need to master in order to be able to work for me: Read The RA Philosphy by Gentzkow and Shapiro Unix shell: You need some basic unix at least to the level of this Git: You need git knowledge at the level of that R.

Chicago Crime and House Prices

Impact of Crime on Prices


30 years of US Housing Transaction Data

Airbnb vs Rents

What’s the causal impact of airbnb listings on long-term rents and house prices? In this project we try to establish a causal link between the two by using proprietary airdna data together with detailed rental market listings. Status Data Theory: We have a simple model to motivate the estimation Data Analysis: We wanted to use terrorism as a demand shifter for airbnb tourism demand, didn’t work. currently looking for alternatives.

Fertility and Location Choice in the City

In this project we want to better understand the role of fertility choices in the context of the standard Urban Model. How many children will be born in each location? Why is fertility different across cities? What is the role of fertility for city growth, over and above migratory flows alone? How could the literature on fertility think for so long about long run trends without considering the impact of children on the equilibrium house price?

Structural Change, Landuse and Urban Expansion

We develop a multi-sector spatial equilibrium model with endogenous land use: land is used either for agriculture or housing. Urban land, densely populated due to commuting frictions, expands out of agricultural land. With rising productivity, the reallocation of workers away from agriculture frees up land for cities to expand, limiting the increase in land values despite higher income and increasing urban population. Due to the reallocation of land use, the area of cities expands at a fast rate and urban density persistently declines, as in the data over a long period.