Research Assistants

I am always looking for motivated research assistants, and I was lucky to work with people who went on to other exciting opportunities after having worked for me (see below!).

Minimal Requirements

Here is the list of minimal requirements that you need to master in order to be able to work for me:

  1. Read The RA Philosphy by Gentzkow and Shapiro
  2. Unix shell: You need some basic unix at least to the level of this
  3. Git: You need git knowledge at the level of that
  4. R. You need solid R skills.
    1. Work through Hadley’s Book and show me your solutions to exercises where indicated:
      1. chapter 4 (no exercises)
      2. chapter 5 (all exercises)
      3. chapters 9 (no exercises)
      4. chapter 13 (all exercises)
    2. Often you need to work with spatial data. Here are a couple of resources you should look at and try to work through on your computer:
      1. geocoding-with-r
      2. gis-with-r-intro
      3. spatial-pipelines
      4. All sf package vignettes 1-5
    3. You need to know R data.table.
  5. Good python skills is an asset but not a substitute for 4.
  6. julia skills is an asset.

RA Hall of Fame 🎉

Here they are! My current and previous research assistants in one place! I can only claim minimal influence in their successful careers 🤓.

Name Project/Tools Tasks Now at
Hugo L’Huillier Fertility / julia, git Numerical solution of nonlinear model, Plots.jl graphics Princeton Econ PhD
Vincent Viers ScPoEconometrics, ZTRAX, Airbnb / R, postgreSQL, git advanced data wrangling with data.table, dplyr, spatial analytics with sf. Bash scripting on remote machines. Econometrics tutorials in Rmd Artefact Paris
Jeanne Sorin ZTRAX, Chicago / R, git advanced data wrangling with data.table, dplyr, spatial analytics with sf, FE estimation with lfe. Work on google VM. PhD U Chicago
Alberto Nasi ZTRAX, Fertility, Landuse / R, git advanced data analytics with data.table, dplyr, spatial analytics with sf. Work on google VM with big data. Manual data collection from historical maps. Pulling historial US census data with censusapi Bocconi PhD Econ