Estimate and Export Individual Income Process

Export.IncomeProcess(dat, writedisk, nocollege = FALSE,
  path = "~/Dropbox/research/mobility/output/model/fit")



A data.table of SIPP micro data


boolean whether to save to disk


boolean whether subsetting to no college degree or not.


string for graph output location


Implements equation (21) in main text, writes table C.1 in online appendix to disk and produces figure C.1 titled Labor Income profiles for different q levels also in online appendix.


Uses SIPP micro data to estimate an income process, which is used in the structural model to predict and simulate individual income. This is the implementation of equation (21) in the main text, further illustrated in online appendix C.1. This function is called from Export.Julia, so please refer for input arguments to that function. The procedure subsets sipp income data to leave out year 2007, which I found to be full of inconsistencies.