You can find all of my publicly assessible software on my github profile.

I have written software in high-level languages like Matlab, python, R and julia. I am an expert R and julia user, I’ve good python skills, Matlab is somewhat outdated. I am well-versed with C++ and fortran. I am using PostgreSQL + postgis databases (interfaced from either R or python) to manage large scale geo-spatial datasets.

I have used the phantastic Rcpp (R + C++) package in several projects. I have been using Julia for computationally intensive projects starting in 2014 for my job market paper, and I have never looked back.

Some Open Source Projects

Name Role Description Status
Tasmanian.jl Author Julia Wrapper to the Tasmanian Library for Adaptive Sparse Grid Approximations Build Status Build status
MomentOpt.jl Co-author and principal maintainer Parallel derivative-free moment optimization in Julia. Build StatusBuild Status
ScPoEconometrics Co-author and principal maintainer 2nd year UG econometrics course at SciencesPo Build StatusAppVeyor Build Status
psidR Author R package to build PSID panel data. Supports direct download from PSID server (no STATA needed!) Build Status
ApproXD.jl Author Julia package for up to 4D high performance linear interpolation as well as tensor product of B-Spline interpolation of arbitrary dimension. Build StatusBuild status
EconData Author R package with datasets for economic research that I assembled over time and couldn’t find in a more suitable format.
Wealth-o-Meter Maintainer Online Wealth Calculator and Policy Simulator
parallelTest Principal Author Repo with tests for parallel computation for a host of hpc systems.
Florian Oswald
Assistant Professor of Economics
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